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Welcome to Ayra bespoke school wear and School Wear United is a well-established U.K wholesaler of school uniform, school accessories & Men’s essentials. We hold good quality school wear from a vast range of pinafores, skirts, girls and boys trousers and many more school wear essentials.

We are proud to take positive steps in ensuring that all there garments are sourced from the U.K, from British manufactures and that all workers are U.K based and are paid above the minimum wage. have done the very best to ensure U.K manufacturers are being supported and consumers should be encouraged to favour U.K businesses where quality does match the price. So when purchasing a product from, you can guarantee the garments have been ethically sourced, good labour relations, above decent living wages and most all that we are behind U.K businesses that are struggling due to the price wars amongst the big chain retailers and questioning how can it be possible to sell such cheap school wear and for consumers NOT to think twice about where that item may have come from and under what circumstances?